About us

At Team Building Spirit, we believe that in a changing world, we need to create synergies between the three basic ingredients of a business built to last: human capital (mind), the environment (body) and knowledge (head). We believe that the symbiosis between the mind, the body and the head of an individual, a team or an organization, can be achieved through the implementation of actions and events affecting the company behaviors and its culture.

That’s why we created Team Building Spirit and our customized solutions. The goal?

  • Create social ties to be more effective collectively.
  • To improve the happiness and well-being at work.
  • Foster innovation, collective intelligence and manage change while being engaged into  the business.
  • Designing new business models, strategys, missions, values ​​and practices to better reflect changes in its organization.
  • Understanding the WHY before going into action.
  • Understanding why great transformations need to be gradually and continuously managed.
  • Accept that you cannot create value or innovation without direct contact with employees or customers.
  • Accept that with engagement, trust, rigor and discipline, there is no need for hierarchy. One can follow the path of Kaizen (continuous improvement) and dispense with bureaucracy, excessive controls.

Our model


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