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Enhance Teamwork is a Skill to Have as a Manager

How Can We Improve Teamwork? Being able to enhance teamwork on demand can be a very important skill to have as a manager. As long as you have secured executive –level support, increasing productivity and the bottom line can become quite easy. But with a diverse team and a difficult project, it’s going to be […]

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Mindfulness : Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility by Ellen Langer

Mindfulness : Mindful Health and the Power of Possibility “I think, therefore I am” is the age-old adage by mathematician and philosopher Rene Descartes. It is frequently quoted by academicians and the general mass alike, yet its implications are far from being fully understood. What did Descartes truly mean with this intriguing statement? Do the […]

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Incentive Programs

Do Companies Understand Employee Incentive Programs?

Companies Don’t Understand Employee Incentive Programs People who implement incentive programs are either executives or financial officers who are simply budgeting available resources. What you have to understand is that incentives could reflect the effort an employee does for his or her company and not what the company can afford to lose. While this view […]

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Teambuilding spirit

An Efficient Teambuilding

Faults to Avoid and Things to Do for an Efficient Teambuilding Organizing a teambuilding activity can be a daunting yet very fulfilling task. It entails careful planning and can be mentally draining, but it can also be a notable achievement. It is a big deal to be able to facilitate something that benefits all employees […]

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Happiness at Work

6 Ways to Move to Happiness at Work

Happiness at Work: Which Things Make Your Employees Happier? When people in employee relations execute a “social listening scan”, there is always more sentiment pertaining to pressure or performance than happiness at work. This is especially true for people in more demanding jobs like advertising, manufacturing, consulting and auditing, among others. It is quite easy for employees […]

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Ego Management Tips

Ego vs EQ: Mistakes Leaders Often Make That Are Killing Their Careers

Ego Management Mistakes That can Hurt your Career The higher you are up the corporate ladder; the trend is that you become less self-aware and less to practice ego management. It’s quite understandable that you need a strong ego to stay at the top, but you’re only promoting the negative sides of corporate culture when you do […]

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Emotional Intelligence

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Can We Improve It?

What is Emotional Intelligence and How Can We Improve It? Basically, emotional intelligence is your ability to recognize, understand and be aware of what your emotions do to other people. When you have high emotional intelligence, you are sometimes able to control how people perceive you and their actions based on the emotions you exhibit. […]

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Team Building Workshop

How to Organize a Successful Workshop?

How to Organize a Successful Workshop? Workshops are important for addressing knowledge gaps, skills inadequacy and implementing new policies or systems. But not matter what your needs are, a workshop has to be strategically planned and conducted a certain way for you to get your ROI. Keep in mind that some people say that they hate […]

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The Key Steps for a Successful Teambuilding

The Key Steps for a Successful Teambuilding Teambuilding is continuing effort by a company to unify employees, regardless of position and rank, as one solid unit. Though the usual components are leisure activities, the end goal is not just to seek fun. Companies should bear in mind that every activity thrown into a teambuilding program […]

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Team Spirit at Work

How to Increase Team Spirit in the Workplace? Everyone in a company needs to work hand in hand with each other to operate as one cohesive whole. This does not just apply to immediate team members, but to all employees in the organizational chart – from the CEO down to the workforce. Fostering a collaborative […]

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