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Incentive Programs

Do Companies Understand Employee Incentive Programs?

Companies Don’t Understand Employee Incentive Programs People who implement incentive programs are either executives or financial officers who are simply budgeting available resources. What you have to understand is that incentives could reflect the effort an employee does for his or her company and not what the company can afford to lose. While this view […]

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Happiness at Work

6 Ways to Move to Happiness at Work

Happiness at Work: Which Things Make Your Employees Happier? When people in employee relations execute a “social listening scan”, there is always more sentiment pertaining to pressure or performance than happiness at work. This is especially true for people in more demanding jobs like advertising, manufacturing, consulting and auditing, among others. It is quite easy for employees […]

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Meditation at Work to Beat Stress

Meditation at Work: The Key to Beat Stress As the world of commerce is constantly evolving in light of globalization and ever-changing market, business leaders and workers face tremendous pressure to stay on or reach the top. More workload is required within the same shift, resulting to greater pressure and stress. Studies show, however, that […]

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