Best Tips to Improve Empowerment of Your Employees

Empowerment Tips to Improve your Team Spirit For a company to thrive in a very competitive environment, a solid backbone of reliable workforce is necessary. This comprises of employees that understand the company’s proposition and goals, and work towards the fulfillment of such goals. In order for companies to ensure quality workforce, nonetheless, it is important […]

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Meditation at Work to Beat Stress

Meditation at Work: The Key to Beat Stress As the world of commerce is constantly evolving in light of globalization and ever-changing market, business leaders and workers face tremendous pressure to stay on or reach the top. More workload is required within the same shift, resulting to greater pressure and stress. Studies show, however, that […]

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Benefits of Collaboration at Work

Definition and Benefits of Collaboration at Work What is collaboration? Essentially, collaboration is when two or more people (often groups) work together through idea sharing and thinking to accomplish a common goal. While teamwork is usually putting two or more people in a physical location for them to be able to work. Collaboration takes it […]

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The 7 Best Ice Breaker Games

The Best Ice Breaker Games It is crucial to start a workshop session, or any presentation for that matter, on a good note. That is the reason why facilitators use ice breaker games to efficiently engange people in their sessions. Ice breakers are mini games intended to make participants comfortable mingling and speaking with each other by […]

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Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace

What are the Benefits of Mindfulness in the Workplace? It’s not uncommon for employees and executives to suffer burnout, fatigue, and high levels of stress due to pressures from work. Stressed people have a way of sucking happiness out of themselves and others, which may possibly lead to a chaotic personal life. Stressed workers, therefore, […]

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What is Teamwork and Why Is It Important ?

What is Teamwork and Why Is It Important? Teamwork is both a trait of a good team and a required task that they must perform. This means that no matter how your team dynamics are, you need to have and do teamwork at the same time. To the French, “Teamwork means a sense of unity, […]

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What is Team Building?

What is Team Building? Like any other relationship, professional ties need to be cultivated in order to foster a conducive workplace environment. It is imperative therefore for companies, regardless of industry, to allot time and resources for team building development activities. Team building is a continuing effort by a company to promote harmonious relationships and strategic […]

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Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Organization

From Spirituality to Corporate Social Responsibility in Your Organization Why do you even need to have corporate social responsibility? It’s not a requirement to having it in a business and it doesn’t produce revenue for anyone, right? Wrong. The best talent in today’s ever-changing  world and turbulent market are looking for more than a fat […]

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Buddhist Philosophy Can Help Leaders

How Buddhist Philosophy Can Help Leaders The Dalai Lama is a religious figure who constantly seeks to place him in the midst of the most pressing issues in the world today. As the foremost Buddhist leader in the entire world, his words hold weight over so many countries and devotees. In his book “The Leader’s […]

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