Team Spirit at Work


How to Increase Team Spirit in the Workplace?

Everyone in a company needs to work hand in hand with each other to operate as one cohesive whole. This does not just apply to immediate team members, but to all employees in the organizational chart – from the CEO down to the workforce. Fostering a collaborative and supportive atmosphere, therefore, is an absolute must in any workplace.

Team spirit is the end result of an atmosphere of unity, trust and acceptance within a group of people. Any kind of organization should have it as an integral component to maximize its potential. That’s because no matter how solid it is in terms of process, without enough commitment from the people behind it, it will never be as efficient as it should. There must be a sense of accountability among those involved, and they all must share the common objective of making a success of what they do.

What Constitutes a Good Team Spirit Working Environment?

It is not easy to foster team spirit in a workplace. It emanates from the management, meaning, only when leaders exhibit the right attitude towards work will the people down the ranks follow. Also, teamwork hugely relies on the company’s culture. Those that practice transparency and encourage open communication are more likely to have good teamwork among employees.

Here are some areas that employers should consider when building an effective team.

  1. Start by getting the right people in. Employers should ensure that they only hire people that fit into their desired culture. Sure, work experience and achievements are crucial considerations, but personality should also be given a premium. Interviews and assessments should be used to gauge if an applicant knows how to listen and cooperate, as these are requisites for someone to thrive in a team setup.
  1. Discuss company prospects and directions. It is important for employees to know where their company is headed towards, and what is in store for them given this. Employers should make this clear by giving regular updates on the company’s performance and plans, ideally on a quarterly basis. Also, it is recommended for everyone in the company to be involved in strategic planning to ensure team spirit and alignment in terms of goals.
  1. Observe honest communication. Employees must be encouraged to voice out their opinions on anything company-related as these could eventually lead to improvements. Employers, meanwhile, should give constructive feedbacks whenever possible. They should be open to suggestions on how to better improve team members’ performance and ultimately achieve goals.
  1. Set clear expectations. This creates accountability and ownership of tasks delegated to each employee. Employers should set clear expectations in terms of individual and team performance, and make these as bases for future evaluations. Outstanding team members should be publicly recognized based on their contribution to the team’s output. This can also encourage having a “can do” attitude among the rest.
  1. Solve problems as they arise. Since team-related conflicts are sometimes inevitable, employers should be ready to help resolve these. Problem solving plays a very important role in preserving team spirit and integrity. Employers should ensure that no one undermines the efforts of the rest by correcting attitude or performance problems of each member in any way possible.
  1. Schedule out of office trips. Getting people out of their daily work routine allows them to have a fresh outlook about work and bond with their teammates. This is especially effective for new teams with members still getting to know each other on a professional level. Getting them somewhere together allows them to act and think in synergy. Employers should schedule occasional retreats filled with games, fun exercises and inspirational talks.

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