What is Teamwork and Why Is It Important ?


What is Teamwork and Why Is It Important?

Teamwork is both a trait of a good team and a required task that they must perform. This means that no matter how your team dynamics are, you need to have and do teamwork at the same time.

To the French, “Teamwork means a sense of unity, of enthusiasm for common interests and responsibilities, as developed among a group of persons closely associated in a task, cause, enterprise, etc.”

Without this important feature, you and your group are just people who happen to spend time together.

As a manager, it’s important that you foster teamwork so your people can meet company goals and objectives. How do you do that? Here are some tips:

1 – Create a synergy.

Each member of the team has a certain personality. Part of your job as a manager is to make sure that these personalities clash as little as possible or work together to reach goals. Handle your people’s strengths and try to complement their weaknesses with other people’s abilities.

2 – Support efficient processes.

In especially small teams that need to be highly productive, it’s important that your workers finish their tasks in the fastest way possible. Remove constraints and barriers to success. Anything that bogs down communication or task completion should be eliminated not simply for optimization but also for teamwork.

3 – Promote flatter and leaner structures with less hierarchy.

Better team dynamics can be promoted when you stop creating hierarchical structures in your team. Try to include yourself in the team not as a manager but as a facilitator to an independent group of people that need liaison with upper management or the executive level.

4 – Create a multi-disciplinary team.

Don’t be afraid to cross-pollinate and min-max your team’s skills. Try to fill gaps in skills and knowledge with new hires that can jive with the team and company culture.

5 – Foster the agility to respond to change.

Creating an agile team that can respond to change quickly and adapt to situations is an invaluable task. It’s great if you can help your teams react to sudden project changes.

6 – Work with the team to please users and clients.

Teaching your team to include customers in the team helps them become accountable for their actions and avoid mistakes. Being able to accommodate stakeholders in your discussions can help your teams work together.

7 – Give out recognition and rewards at appropriate times to both the whole team and individuals.

It’s important that you can supply recognition at the right times. You can’t deliver these late or else they don’t mean anything. Employees have to feel that their efforts make headway towards a company vision.

8 – Working together in a collaborative, innovative manner.

This is the best way for you to promote good team dynamics. Innovation and collaboration are the benchmarks of a successful startup or business in today’s digital world.

Why do you need to go through all this trouble for your team?

The main reasons why you need this are:

  • People wander and are unable to understand or focus on their tasks without others to help and guide them.
  • Creating a support network within the team fills the gaps that skills, knowledge and attitudes between members make. Just because you have a team of experts, that doesn’t mean that you have the most potential for success.
  • Productivity rises when your team members work together. They’re more likely to work harder to reach goals if they like the people they’re working with.

Talk to your team whenever you want to implement new ways to increase their teamwork.

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