Indoor Team Building Workshop

Team Building Workshop

Companies are looking to work differently and their requirements are strong in this area. The increase and proliferation of projects, reorganizations, social behavior change, resource scarcity and the new technologies are pushing companies to change their practices. Faced with these constant changes, the staff gets tired, they lose motivation and effectiveness. However, some organizations, like yours, are keen to make things happen, proposing different ways of working. They want to put people at the heart of the action through our Team Building Workshop concept.

How is it done?

To carry out our workshops we consider the state of mind of the participants, their abilities and skills. Group cohesion and co-creation is very important in our workshops, as this allows us to develop the subject, the individual and collective intelligence, but especially to achieve the objectives defined in advance.

Team Building Workshops list:

  • Develop a strategic vision
  • Define a common vision
  • Organize a Start-up weekend to innovate team
  • Develop an innovative and successful business model
  • Conduct an innovation process to create a competitive advantage
  • Identify, describe, analyze and measure your Business Model
  • Creating your business model prototypes, organization, department and team adapted to market trends and the future
  • Develop the mindset and reflexes of an innovative corporate culture
  • Communicate and manage change
  • Develop an action plan for change management
  • Leadership: humor, cohesion and perception
  • Develop a strategic framework on the basis of the book Art of War Master Sun Tzu.
  • Conflict management
  • Diagnose and define the aspirations of a team
  • Define the “scope” or moderate the “kick-off” of a project
  • Analyze and optimize processes

Do you want to organize an event to stimulate collective intelligence and the creativity of your teams? Do you want to organize a challenge to generate innovative ideas or integrate your team in your strategic thinking process? Do you want to co-create and innovate with customers and suppliers? Feel free to contact us .